Drawing Palestine from London



This project was completed in fulfillment of the practicum requirement of the doctoral program in Book History and Print Culture at the University of Toronto. I am grateful to Professor Deidre Lynch for her patient supervision and enormously helpful feedback. Lindsey Eckert offered invaluable advice on completing an online exhibit, and the wonderful model of her own practicum project on British Literary Annuals. Albert Masters’s kind assistance and canny intimacy with the Thomas Fisher collections made my work a thousand times easier. Professor Dror Wahrman and former Canadian diplomat Michel de Salaberry both donated their expertise on the Middle East in readily commenting on drafts of this project with incisive suggestions. Larry and Judy Tanenbaum helped to inspire this work by inviting me on an unforgettable visit to Israel, a Fellowship trip made possible by the efforts of John Fraser, Master of Massey College. The generosity of each of these individuals was integral to the creation of this exhibit and I thank them all.

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